Friday, September 26, 2008

3 months already!

I am so sorry for no updates! Life with twins is sort of hectic. But I wanted to post a pic of the babes, who are doing so well. They are on height/weight target for singletons at their age and are developmentally right on schedule, if not a little ahead :) They like to smile and try to talk, are just starting to notice their hands and hit at things. They need to be entertained while they are awake, which is tiring but great.

Here are some photos. I am off to read everyone's blogs now for your updates. So sorry to be MIA for so long!


Just born:

2.5-3 months:

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

They're Here!

The girls arrived at 37w3d via c-section on June 19th. I never went into labor, but my BP was rising and my kidneys failing so my OB decided not to wait until the 23rd. The experience of childbirth was odd since it was not the way I always imagined it and now I am recovering from a cesarean, however it was nice not to have to labor for hours.

In any case the girls are great, Baby A at 6lbs2oz and 19 inches and Baby B at 5lbs4oz and 18.5 inches. They've lost some of their initial weight but have already started gaining it back. We're home now after 4 days in the hospital, and it is an AMAZING experience, although a very tiring one and a bit nerve wracking, mostly because I worry about them. However, they have been doing great and didn't need any NICU time which is a huge relief. I love them more than anything!

Monday, June 9, 2008

36 week belly shots

Just a few:

At my OB appt today she said I must have been meant to have twins. My NST the babies were great but I didn't even have a single contraction! Maybe we will make it to 38 weeks after all. Isn't that just unheard of for twins?!?!

I'm hoping for sometime this week. Stay tuned...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Another quickie update

35w3d today, and I've got my c-section scheduled for 38w - but hoping to go a bit earlier than that. DH wants me to last as long as possible. Yeah, I think in another week I will be more than ready. My bp started to rise about a week and a half ago, so I was put on bedrest and have had about a million lab tests done for pre-eclampsia, but luckily no signs of it, and now my bp is lowering again, phew! All tests show the girlies doing well, and at our last growth check at 34 weeks they were 5lbs10oz and 5lbs2oz. So now we just wait it out - 18 more days at the most.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Quick Update

Because I am simply too tired to blog, but I do actively read all the blogs on my blogroll. The act of writing is just too overwhelming though.

So it turns out the GD is not so bad, and I actually only borderline failed so it has been easy to control my sugars with diet alone. It has to be the PCOS and my pregnancy weight gain that did it since I'm a pretty skinny girl normally. Oh well, not too much longer now to try to get through it.

I am 32w1d today. I would LOVE to make it another 3 weeks. I have this number in my head - 35 weeks - where I feel like we would be safe. Lungs, the last thing to fully develop, would be in really good shape by then, especially with twins since they develop sooner. My OB said the very latest I will be allowed to deliver is 6/23, which is 38 weeks, although typically twin mommies do not make it that far.

At our scan a week ago, Baby A was 4lbs5oz and Baby B was 3lbs13oz, which is 55th/60th percentile for singletons so really good for twins. Despite this, I am not huge. My OB said it is because I am tall and have a lot of room to distribute well. We get weekly NSTs, and they have been doing well. Since Baby B is in breech we will most likely be doing a c-section. In fact I am planning to ask my OB about this tomorrow. I just want to make sure that's the plan.

The nursery is 95% completed, and my Baby Shower was amazing, got to see lots of friends and family, and they were so generous with my gifts. We hired a Baby Nurse who is a former NICU nurse and EMT, and she will be staying with us full time for 3+ weeks after the girls come home, which is a HUGE relief, especially for my husband, who was starting to get worried.

Other than that, just biding my time and hoping these two cook for as long as possible. Off to read the other blogs. Wishing everyone well, especially those set to deliver soon and those still on their journey to mommyhood (or second/third time mommyhood).

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I Have GD

I failed the first test - 179. Which is absurdly high. I took the 3 hour test and of course I failed that too. My OB called early the next day herself, so I knew it was bad news. I said "I'm guessing that since you're calling that means I failed". Yep. Sorry. Now go meet with a clinical nurse specialist to get on a special diet and hopefully won't need insulin. So I will do that tomorrow.

I know me and my willpower and amazing ability to diet, so I KNOW that I can do this - I can lower my carbs to almost nothing. The only thing I am terrified of is the possibility of pre-eclampsia. I had my BP and urine checked a week ago and all was normal, but then I noticed my feet were starting to get a little puffy. Not my face or hands though thankfully. It seems my feet get better when I spend more time with them elevated. Still, I am scared. I would say it is my worst fear. At 28w2d it is way too early to have a complication like that. At least if it happened later I would feel better about it. least the babies are doing well. All I care about is having them cook as long as possible and getting them here safely.

BTW, I think they are pretty cute:

Baby A

Baby B

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I hate (the possibility of) Gestational Diabetes


Evidently I must have failed the stupid Glucose Screening test because my doctor's office called today and they NEVER call unless they have to. I know the glucose results came in today so that would be the reason. Unfortunately, I was out and missed the call so I guess I will get the official news tomorrow.

The most frustrating thing is that I don't have any of the three main risk factors:
1. Overweight pre-pregnancy - No, my BMI was about 19 pre-pregnancy. So definitely not!
2. Family history - Not ONE person, immediate or extended, has diabetes.
3. Hypertension - My BP was above normal just once, when I had to get stitches for my sliced open thumb. But before that and always after that it has always been perfect.

Except, of course, there is the matter of my "mild" PCOS and although I never tested positive for insulin resistance, I was on Metformin for 2 years and it did help with ovulation, etc. So there must be something to my insulin situation that is less than perfect.

I don't want to take this 3-hr test but I guess I will have to. I am so bummed. I REALLY just wanted everything to be going well for once. I am mostly scared that I will have GD and I am worry about its effect on the babies.

On a happy side note, I had my 4D scan today and the girls are super cute. They look like DH and have his button nose (thank goodness!)

I will post some photos once we have them uploaded.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Third Trimester?

I am 27 weeks today, so according to some sources I am third trimester, and according to others not until next week. Whatever, I am going to consider it the third tri!

I had a scan at the peri's today, so here is the update:

Baby A is 2 lbs 8 oz
Baby B is 2 lbs 4 oz

Checked cord flow, heart and amniotic fluid, all looks great!

Since I have been having some contractions, they did an internal exam on my cervix, but it is still nice and long, measuring over 4 cm, which is a HUGE relief!

Both babies are active, but Baby B is especially so.

I am working from home every day now. It is too much to commute into the city. I have been having contractions and getting tired/breathless, so I said that was it. My wonderful boss and colleagues have been amazing and it is very easy to work from home.

This week we "took off" Thursday and Friday so my husband can paint the nursery. We have 2 colors of pink from the Disney Behr paint collection. Next week the furniture will be delivered and we can organize the closets, wash the clothes, etc.

We finally got some things out of the way:

- Pre-registered for the hospital L&D
- Registered for an infant CPR class @ Red Cross
- Signed up for cord blood registry
- Chose a pediatric practice

We still have a few items on the list, but we are getting close. My shower is in less than 3 weeks, and I am so excited!

Here are some belly shots from today, 27 weeks:

When the nursery is ready, I will post some photos. My next peri appt is at 31 weeks, so probably no baby updates till then (let's hope). My GTT is on Wednesday though, I REALLY hope I pass!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Saw the girls today...

And they are doing great!

Baby A is 1 and a half pounds, and Baby B is 1 pound 5 oz, so Baby A only weighs 3 oz more than Baby B, which is not significant. They are on target for singletons, which is good news. Hopefully they will continue to gain weight so well! The peri said everything was going along beautifully, which gives me a BIG sigh of relief. Also, we got clarification on the cord insertion of Baby B - it is ECCENTRIC and not marginal, which is much better and should not cause any problems. Baby A's placenta is still low BUT it is moving up, and they are both transverse at the moment, which means I have about a 50/50 chance of having a c-section, and still may be able to do a natural birth!

I pre-registered admission for the hospital today, and we need to pick a pediatrician soon actually, before 28 weeks was recommended. I can't believe how quickly everything is happening.

We were told not to air travel, so no babymoon! I would have loved a weekend in Palm Beach, but that's ok, we'll just try to go to a local spa or something.

I got one pic of Baby B's cute head which I will scan in and post later :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Thank you for everyone's relaxation advice. I think I've come a long way in the past week or so from following your suggestions. I have an OB appt tomorrow and a peri appt to check growth on Friday, so we'll see how it all goes. Hoping for everything to be uneventful of course.

Here are some belly shots from today (a couple from the front this time):

Yes, I'm wearing a bikini in one! Sorry if it's gross. I've never been so LARGE everywhere before. Goodbye, stick legs and skinny arms!

UPDATE: Went to the OB today and everything was normal! BP, urine, and my b/w all came back great - low homocysteine and normal thyroid. I am SO relieved! Tomorrow is the peri, so I am just hoping they gained a good amount of weight and do not have too much of a variance between them. I have the 1 hour GTT on 4/9, so we'll see how that goes.

Also, I should tell you that weird scar above my belly button is from when I took out my infected navel ring about 8 years ago. It left that scar which I am pretty sure will turn into a stretch mark as my tummy expands.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Belly shot:

For a little perspective, here is a pre-pregnancy photo:

Please excuse that I never show my face. I want to maintain some level of privacy given the extremely personal nature of this blog.

In other news, I sliced my finger opened this past weekend, had to rush to get stitches and found out they couldn't do it because of the way it was cute. I ended up having an anxiety attack over the fact that I may have needed stitches and a tetanus shot. They took my bp in the midst of this and it was higher than usual so of course I FREAKED out even more, and my anxiety rose all weekend. I got myself in a bad situation when I started checking my bp constantly, getting so anxious before I did it each time and winding up with not only high readings but ridiculously high pulse rates over 145. DH made me do some relaxation and try again, and I always ended up with normal readings after that. Not being satisfied with that, I paged my OB who said, of COURSE your bp will be higher in an situation like that, so calm down. Unless it is consistently high, she is not worried.

Since I am prone to anxiety and OCD, I am definitely worried my ability to make myself crazy. Hopefully I can keep this under control as I realize it can and will lead to problems and I am only making my situation worse.

If anyone has advice on how to control anxiety without medication, I would appreciate it. Keep it mind I am not able to do yoga or work out because of the low lying placenta of Baby A, so I am somewhat limited in options!

Monday, February 18, 2008

20 weeks!

If I were pregnant with just one baby, we'd be at the halfway point. Since we're having twins, I probably past that point a couple of weeks ago. I've gained about 26 lbs and about 12 inches around on my waist. I'd love to say all of the weight is in my mid section, but even my arms appear to be getting chubby. Oh well! Anything for the babies.

In any case, we had the rest of our anatomy scan on Friday @ 19w4d, and both babies look great. All of their organs look good, their limbs are measuring appropriately, Baby A is 11 oz and Baby B is 10 oz. Their amniotic fluid situation is perfect and I've still got a very long cervix, which is ideal.

Of course, there are a couple of things that we need to keep watch of. Baby A's placenta has not moved up yet. This should still happen as the uterus moves up, especially after 20 weeks. So until then I am on restricted activity. Baby B has an eccentric or marginal umbilical cord insertion. An eccentric insertion is nothing to be concerned about, but if it is marginal, that means it did not implant in the best possible place in the placenta. This hopefully won't cause any problems with growth discordancy, but we'll have to keep monitoring them for their growth to make sure. It's pretty common that one twin outgrows the other, but hopefully not by too much. It's also fairly common for a twin pregnancy to have a cord issue with one or both of the babies. Generally it's a problem at delivery, but since we know about it well in advance we can watch it. However, this is just another reason why I will most likely have a Cesarean delivery.

However, the peri is not too concerned and is keeping me on my regular monitoring schedule for now, so I won't be back there until nearly 24 weeks. Just hoping all goes smoothly until then (fingers crossed!)

Here are a few new belly shots from today:

Finally starting to look pregnant and not just like I had a big lunch!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Not much to update

I've been working from home, since I've now had 3 doctors tell me to take some time off and relax. TMI ahead - The good news is I haven't even had a hint of spotting or irregular coloured urine in 8 days!! That, coupled with my scan on Tuesday that revealed my cervix was 4.41, which my OB said "couldn't be any longer", and she saw no signs of PTL. So, my new job is just to relax and keep the girls cooking. I am 18w5d today, so 19w on Monday. Our complete level II sono is this Friday at the peri's. I am a tad nervous but everything has looked so good on our partial scan and through all the first and second trimester screening tests that I am mostly excited to see the babes again and all of their cute little organs and parts.

Other than that, we have friends coming over to visit from the city tomorrow. And, I will attempt to go into work just for Monday only IF I am feeling up to it. My cute hubs will drive me to/from, and hopefully I will remain seated for most of the day. I'm sort of craving human interaction! It's definitely been lacking and limited.

We started to get some baby items, a double stroller and car seats that click in. We were going to go with Peg Perego, but the safety ratings on the Graco seemed so much better, so we decided to go with that. And, it was so much less expensive. I still don't want to get too much just yet.

That's pretty much it. Oh, and it's snowing like crazy here! A nice excuse to stay inside anyway.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

It's been a really long time

Sorry everyone, but with the holidays and first trimester sickness, and with just how busy I've been at work, it's been hard to update the blog. I have, however, been reading all of your blogs, yet only commenting for those who need some support and are going through rough situations. I think of you often, and wish you all the best.

As for my updates (warning: pregnancy related), here they are:

- I am 17w3d today
- The NT scan went great, and our risk for down's is 1/2700. This is substantially lower than my age group, so we are happy.
- I've gained about 16 pounds, so pretty much on target for what my peri is looking for.
- The partial anatomy scan showed no issues except Twin A has a low lying placenta (but not a previa). The peri expects this will resolve itself as the pregnancy moves along, but I have been put on pelvic rest - no sex or working out. Fine with me!
- I did have an incident on Tuesday where I had a couple of spots of blood drip out when urinating. However, that was it, and I got an emergency u/s which showed the twins were just fine, and my cervix was still very long. OB thinks it is because I have this violent cough which acts up at night, and prescribed me tylenol with codeine, which she said was ok to take at this point. I have also begun to work from home. The 2 hour commute each way is too much for my body to handle I think. The OB was pretty clear that I need to be more careful and slow down.

Evidently I woke up this morning from a sex dream. When I went to the loo, my urine was slightly darker as if it could be tinged with blood, but then that stopped right away. I think the combination of my coughing fit last night coupled with the possible orgasm in my dream triggered some slight possible spotting. So unfair! It's not even my fault if I O in a dream! Anyway, I checked the heartbeats with my doppler, and they were both fine. Stressful!

Oh yeah, and the twins are 2 girls! Dizygotic (fraternal) of course. We are thrilled!

Here are a couple belly shots for y'all: