Thursday, January 31, 2008

It's been a really long time

Sorry everyone, but with the holidays and first trimester sickness, and with just how busy I've been at work, it's been hard to update the blog. I have, however, been reading all of your blogs, yet only commenting for those who need some support and are going through rough situations. I think of you often, and wish you all the best.

As for my updates (warning: pregnancy related), here they are:

- I am 17w3d today
- The NT scan went great, and our risk for down's is 1/2700. This is substantially lower than my age group, so we are happy.
- I've gained about 16 pounds, so pretty much on target for what my peri is looking for.
- The partial anatomy scan showed no issues except Twin A has a low lying placenta (but not a previa). The peri expects this will resolve itself as the pregnancy moves along, but I have been put on pelvic rest - no sex or working out. Fine with me!
- I did have an incident on Tuesday where I had a couple of spots of blood drip out when urinating. However, that was it, and I got an emergency u/s which showed the twins were just fine, and my cervix was still very long. OB thinks it is because I have this violent cough which acts up at night, and prescribed me tylenol with codeine, which she said was ok to take at this point. I have also begun to work from home. The 2 hour commute each way is too much for my body to handle I think. The OB was pretty clear that I need to be more careful and slow down.

Evidently I woke up this morning from a sex dream. When I went to the loo, my urine was slightly darker as if it could be tinged with blood, but then that stopped right away. I think the combination of my coughing fit last night coupled with the possible orgasm in my dream triggered some slight possible spotting. So unfair! It's not even my fault if I O in a dream! Anyway, I checked the heartbeats with my doppler, and they were both fine. Stressful!

Oh yeah, and the twins are 2 girls! Dizygotic (fraternal) of course. We are thrilled!

Here are a couple belly shots for y'all: