Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Quick Update

Because I am simply too tired to blog, but I do actively read all the blogs on my blogroll. The act of writing is just too overwhelming though.

So it turns out the GD is not so bad, and I actually only borderline failed so it has been easy to control my sugars with diet alone. It has to be the PCOS and my pregnancy weight gain that did it since I'm a pretty skinny girl normally. Oh well, not too much longer now to try to get through it.

I am 32w1d today. I would LOVE to make it another 3 weeks. I have this number in my head - 35 weeks - where I feel like we would be safe. Lungs, the last thing to fully develop, would be in really good shape by then, especially with twins since they develop sooner. My OB said the very latest I will be allowed to deliver is 6/23, which is 38 weeks, although typically twin mommies do not make it that far.

At our scan a week ago, Baby A was 4lbs5oz and Baby B was 3lbs13oz, which is 55th/60th percentile for singletons so really good for twins. Despite this, I am not huge. My OB said it is because I am tall and have a lot of room to distribute well. We get weekly NSTs, and they have been doing well. Since Baby B is in breech we will most likely be doing a c-section. In fact I am planning to ask my OB about this tomorrow. I just want to make sure that's the plan.

The nursery is 95% completed, and my Baby Shower was amazing, got to see lots of friends and family, and they were so generous with my gifts. We hired a Baby Nurse who is a former NICU nurse and EMT, and she will be staying with us full time for 3+ weeks after the girls come home, which is a HUGE relief, especially for my husband, who was starting to get worried.

Other than that, just biding my time and hoping these two cook for as long as possible. Off to read the other blogs. Wishing everyone well, especially those set to deliver soon and those still on their journey to mommyhood (or second/third time mommyhood).