Monday, February 18, 2008

20 weeks!

If I were pregnant with just one baby, we'd be at the halfway point. Since we're having twins, I probably past that point a couple of weeks ago. I've gained about 26 lbs and about 12 inches around on my waist. I'd love to say all of the weight is in my mid section, but even my arms appear to be getting chubby. Oh well! Anything for the babies.

In any case, we had the rest of our anatomy scan on Friday @ 19w4d, and both babies look great. All of their organs look good, their limbs are measuring appropriately, Baby A is 11 oz and Baby B is 10 oz. Their amniotic fluid situation is perfect and I've still got a very long cervix, which is ideal.

Of course, there are a couple of things that we need to keep watch of. Baby A's placenta has not moved up yet. This should still happen as the uterus moves up, especially after 20 weeks. So until then I am on restricted activity. Baby B has an eccentric or marginal umbilical cord insertion. An eccentric insertion is nothing to be concerned about, but if it is marginal, that means it did not implant in the best possible place in the placenta. This hopefully won't cause any problems with growth discordancy, but we'll have to keep monitoring them for their growth to make sure. It's pretty common that one twin outgrows the other, but hopefully not by too much. It's also fairly common for a twin pregnancy to have a cord issue with one or both of the babies. Generally it's a problem at delivery, but since we know about it well in advance we can watch it. However, this is just another reason why I will most likely have a Cesarean delivery.

However, the peri is not too concerned and is keeping me on my regular monitoring schedule for now, so I won't be back there until nearly 24 weeks. Just hoping all goes smoothly until then (fingers crossed!)

Here are a few new belly shots from today:

Finally starting to look pregnant and not just like I had a big lunch!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Not much to update

I've been working from home, since I've now had 3 doctors tell me to take some time off and relax. TMI ahead - The good news is I haven't even had a hint of spotting or irregular coloured urine in 8 days!! That, coupled with my scan on Tuesday that revealed my cervix was 4.41, which my OB said "couldn't be any longer", and she saw no signs of PTL. So, my new job is just to relax and keep the girls cooking. I am 18w5d today, so 19w on Monday. Our complete level II sono is this Friday at the peri's. I am a tad nervous but everything has looked so good on our partial scan and through all the first and second trimester screening tests that I am mostly excited to see the babes again and all of their cute little organs and parts.

Other than that, we have friends coming over to visit from the city tomorrow. And, I will attempt to go into work just for Monday only IF I am feeling up to it. My cute hubs will drive me to/from, and hopefully I will remain seated for most of the day. I'm sort of craving human interaction! It's definitely been lacking and limited.

We started to get some baby items, a double stroller and car seats that click in. We were going to go with Peg Perego, but the safety ratings on the Graco seemed so much better, so we decided to go with that. And, it was so much less expensive. I still don't want to get too much just yet.

That's pretty much it. Oh, and it's snowing like crazy here! A nice excuse to stay inside anyway.