Friday, December 21, 2007

Sono Pics

I realized that I hadn't posted any ultrasound photos since the first one at 6w1d. Here are Baby A and Baby B (I really have to come up with better names) at 11w2d:

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Update on NT

We couldn't do it today, because my uterus is tilted pretty far back and it needs to be done with the above the belly u/s, not the vaginal one. She tried but also said we should probably wait till 12-14 weeks anyway. For Baby A she was able to get a bit of a look at the neck and said it looked quite thin that she couldn't even take a measure, so that was a good sign. Other than that, Baby A is on target and Baby B is a day ahead. Everything else was normal. We also couldn't hear the h/b with the doppler because of the same uterus issues. Oh well! I will go back on New Year's Eve for another try at the NT test. I will be exactly 13w. I guess that will be a pretty significant day!

NT Test Today - 11w2d

Thanks to the supportive ladies who posted. I guess my nausea abated for awhile, and then started coming back with a vengeance. I can hold more food down know, which is great because when I met with the peri on Monday she told me I should be gaining 45 lbs in this pregnancy, and it should equate to a pound a week in the 1st and 2nd trimesters. So far I have gained about 5. So, not there yet, but at least I am not losing weight anymore.

The babies are looking great, getting bigger and really quite active! They were kicking and flailing their little arms and bouncing up and down on Monday's sonogram. We were exactly 11 weeks, and she said everything looks just the way they want it to look at this point. My cervix is in good condition and long enough, but I need to get it checked every 1-2 weeks apparently. She also reviewed the laundry list of what makes twins high risk, and it sort of freaked me and DH out. But I guess they have to tell you everything up front. I think I am going to be at the doctors at least every 2 weeks, if not more often. I am trying to figure out what to do about work. I was recently promoted to a management position, and I am worried about my sudden absences. DH and I agreed that we would do whatever it takes to have these babies, and I don't want to sacrifice their health or well being at all, but I can't help but have some nagging concerns about work.

Anyway, the NT test is today, so we'll find out the downs syndrome risk. I would be more nervous if we hadn't had an u/s just 2 days ago. However I guess I have no idea of what the outcome would be at this point of the NT test, so I am just praying everything looks normal with my little munchkins.

As for the belly update, I am still not getting any larger in the stomach, except for the nighttime bloating. I guess I will "pop" when the time is right.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Nothing really new to report, I haven't had an u/s in 11 days (!!) so I have NO idea what is going on in there. I was really sick last week, vomiting nearly every day after dinner. I think I figured out that greasy food really sets me off (cheesy/oily, like baked ziti, pizza, grilled cheese and fries - I puked after all of those meals.) However ever since Sunday, the 10w mark, I have been feeling alot better. My appetite is not normal, but I can tolerate the thought of more food, and I have not thrown up once. My nausea is very minimal indeed. At first this worried me, but I then read up on how HCG levels peak at 9-10w and decline, so perhaps that is why. Maybe my body is used to the levels finally! I also had my progesterone checked at 9w and it was 49, so I have spent a week tapering off the PIO shots and the Estrogen tablets and patches. One more week and I will be completely done.

I see the MFM doctor on 12/17, but I don't think it is for an u/s. However my NT test is on 12/19 and I have an appt with the OB after.

Lastly, my belly is sort of bloated, but I don't think this counts as showing. I have been keeping a measure on my waist around my belly button. It is around 31-32 in the morning and 34 in the evening, which leads me to believe there is definite bloating going on. It is normally 26, so I am definitely putting on some wideness. I'd love to just "pop" so I can feel confident in this. I know my RE said after having so many good u/s that my odds of having a m/c drop to 5% or less for each baby, so that helps, but I am still nervous. Should I be wishing for my nausea back or just be glad it is finally tapering off? I don't know.