Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I Have GD

I failed the first test - 179. Which is absurdly high. I took the 3 hour test and of course I failed that too. My OB called early the next day herself, so I knew it was bad news. I said "I'm guessing that since you're calling that means I failed". Yep. Sorry. Now go meet with a clinical nurse specialist to get on a special diet and hopefully won't need insulin. So I will do that tomorrow.

I know me and my willpower and amazing ability to diet, so I KNOW that I can do this - I can lower my carbs to almost nothing. The only thing I am terrified of is the possibility of pre-eclampsia. I had my BP and urine checked a week ago and all was normal, but then I noticed my feet were starting to get a little puffy. Not my face or hands though thankfully. It seems my feet get better when I spend more time with them elevated. Still, I am scared. I would say it is my worst fear. At 28w2d it is way too early to have a complication like that. At least if it happened later I would feel better about it. least the babies are doing well. All I care about is having them cook as long as possible and getting them here safely.

BTW, I think they are pretty cute:

Baby A

Baby B

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I hate (the possibility of) Gestational Diabetes


Evidently I must have failed the stupid Glucose Screening test because my doctor's office called today and they NEVER call unless they have to. I know the glucose results came in today so that would be the reason. Unfortunately, I was out and missed the call so I guess I will get the official news tomorrow.

The most frustrating thing is that I don't have any of the three main risk factors:
1. Overweight pre-pregnancy - No, my BMI was about 19 pre-pregnancy. So definitely not!
2. Family history - Not ONE person, immediate or extended, has diabetes.
3. Hypertension - My BP was above normal just once, when I had to get stitches for my sliced open thumb. But before that and always after that it has always been perfect.

Except, of course, there is the matter of my "mild" PCOS and although I never tested positive for insulin resistance, I was on Metformin for 2 years and it did help with ovulation, etc. So there must be something to my insulin situation that is less than perfect.

I don't want to take this 3-hr test but I guess I will have to. I am so bummed. I REALLY just wanted everything to be going well for once. I am mostly scared that I will have GD and I am worry about its effect on the babies.

On a happy side note, I had my 4D scan today and the girls are super cute. They look like DH and have his button nose (thank goodness!)

I will post some photos once we have them uploaded.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Third Trimester?

I am 27 weeks today, so according to some sources I am third trimester, and according to others not until next week. Whatever, I am going to consider it the third tri!

I had a scan at the peri's today, so here is the update:

Baby A is 2 lbs 8 oz
Baby B is 2 lbs 4 oz

Checked cord flow, heart and amniotic fluid, all looks great!

Since I have been having some contractions, they did an internal exam on my cervix, but it is still nice and long, measuring over 4 cm, which is a HUGE relief!

Both babies are active, but Baby B is especially so.

I am working from home every day now. It is too much to commute into the city. I have been having contractions and getting tired/breathless, so I said that was it. My wonderful boss and colleagues have been amazing and it is very easy to work from home.

This week we "took off" Thursday and Friday so my husband can paint the nursery. We have 2 colors of pink from the Disney Behr paint collection. Next week the furniture will be delivered and we can organize the closets, wash the clothes, etc.

We finally got some things out of the way:

- Pre-registered for the hospital L&D
- Registered for an infant CPR class @ Red Cross
- Signed up for cord blood registry
- Chose a pediatric practice

We still have a few items on the list, but we are getting close. My shower is in less than 3 weeks, and I am so excited!

Here are some belly shots from today, 27 weeks:

When the nursery is ready, I will post some photos. My next peri appt is at 31 weeks, so probably no baby updates till then (let's hope). My GTT is on Wednesday though, I REALLY hope I pass!