Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I Have GD

I failed the first test - 179. Which is absurdly high. I took the 3 hour test and of course I failed that too. My OB called early the next day herself, so I knew it was bad news. I said "I'm guessing that since you're calling that means I failed". Yep. Sorry. Now go meet with a clinical nurse specialist to get on a special diet and hopefully won't need insulin. So I will do that tomorrow.

I know me and my willpower and amazing ability to diet, so I KNOW that I can do this - I can lower my carbs to almost nothing. The only thing I am terrified of is the possibility of pre-eclampsia. I had my BP and urine checked a week ago and all was normal, but then I noticed my feet were starting to get a little puffy. Not my face or hands though thankfully. It seems my feet get better when I spend more time with them elevated. Still, I am scared. I would say it is my worst fear. At 28w2d it is way too early to have a complication like that. At least if it happened later I would feel better about it. least the babies are doing well. All I care about is having them cook as long as possible and getting them here safely.

BTW, I think they are pretty cute:

Baby A

Baby B


Fertilized said...

Oh girlfriend! I am so sorry. Good Luck with the nurse's meeting. I know you can do this. It will be all fine. Maybe you just need more propped up time to be pampered!

Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

CRAP. I'm so sorry about the GD. It definitely complicates things, but with management I know you'll be ok. It sounds like you know what you are doing already. Hang in there.

I love the pics! TOO CUTE!!!

Waiting Amy said...

They are adorable!

Sorry about the GD. Many do just fine with diet alone, so I'll be hoping for that for you. I'm worried about the very same thing. It seems the only way I can gain weight is tons of dairy and carbs, and if GD enters the scene for me it will be really tough.

Wishing you luck!

singletracey said...

UGH.. I am so sorry! That is crappy!! But.. you will do great ...

Adriane said...

I linked to your blog through Fertilize Me. Hope you don't mind. I am having twin girls, (currently 20w3d), and just had my 1 hour GTT done today. Needless to say, I think GD could be one more thing we'll have in common. I hope the "special diet" is not so bad and your appt with the nurse specialist goes well.

Love the pics of the babies!! So adorable!